Intermediate Admissions

Admission in three groups is offered at intermediate level.

  • Science Group
  • General Science Group
  • Arts Group

English, Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies are compulsory subjects for all students. Non-Muslims students can study Ethics instead of Islamiat.


Following are subject combinations for general science group. Select anyone of the following subjects combinations. Mention group number necessarily.

General Science

  • Group1 (Statistics, Mathematics, Physics)
  • Group2 (Mahematics, Physics, Computer)
  • Group3 (Mathematics, Economics, Computer)
  • Group4 (Mathematics, Economics, Statistics)

Students of arts group have to select anyone of the following subject combinations. Mention group number necessarily. Breaking of group is not allowed, Literature stands for English literature, Urdu literature, Arabic literatures and Saraiki literatures.


  • Group1 (Civics, Physical Education, Literatures)
  • Group2 (Civics, Sociology, Physical Education)
  • Group3 (Psychology, Geography, Home Economics)
  • Group4 (Fine Arts, Psychology, Literatures)
  • Group5 (Fine Arts, Islamiat(Elective), Geography)
  • Group6 (History, Psychology, Education)
  • Group7 (Physical Education, Psychology, Sociology)
  • Group8 (History, Psychology, Physical Education)
  • Group9 (History, Psychology, Fine Arts)
  • Group10 (History, Civics, Physical Education)
  • Group11 (History, Civics, Education)
  • Group12 (History, Islamiat(Elective), Fine Arts)
  • Group13 (History, Islamiat(Elective), Home Economics)
  • Group14 (Home Economics, Islamiat(Elective), Literatures)
  • Group15 (Sociology, Education, Psychology)
  • Group16 (Sociology, Civics, Home Economics)
  • Group16 (Sociology, Civics, Home Economics)
  • Group17 (Islamiat (Elective), Geography, Home Economics)
  • Group18 (Education, Civics, Literatures)
  • Group19 (Statistics, Psychology, Home Economics)
  • Group20 (Statistics, Psychology, Education)
  • Group21 (Statistics, Psychology, Fine Arts)
  • Group22 (Economics, Fine Arts, Statistics)
  • Group23 (Economics, Home Economics, Liteartures)
  • Group24 (Economics, Physical Education, Statistics)
  • Group25 (Economics, Education, Statistics)
  • Group26 (Economics, Fine Arts, Literatures)