Associate Degree Program

After intermediate level admission in Associate Degree Progamme (2 years) are offered in following two groups.

  • Associate Degree Program Science (ADPS)
  • Associate Degree Program Arts (ADPA)

Compulsory Subjects

English,Islamiat and Pak Studies are compulsory subjects for ADPA. Islamiat and Pakistan Studies are compulsory subjects for ADPS. English is an optional subject for ADPS. Non-Muslims students can study Ethics instead of Islamiat.

Criteria For Admission in ADPS

  1. Students should have passesd F.Sc or FA (General Science) with at least 50% marks.
  2. Only those students can opt for Botany, Zology and Chemistry who have passed F.Sc(Pre-Medical) with at least 50% marks.
  3. Only those students can opt for Physics, Mathematics and Computer who have passed their intermediate exam in these subjects.


  • Group1 (Botany, Zoology, Geography)
  • Group2 (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)
  • Group3 (Physics, Math-A, Math-B)
  • Group4 (Computer, Math-A, Math-B)
  • Group5 (Computer, Economics, Statistics)
  • Group6 (Computer, Physics, General Math)
  • Group7 (Computer, Economics, General Math)
  • Group8 (Computer, Statistics, General Math)
  • Group9 (Statistics, Math-A, Math-B)
  • Group10 (Statistics, General Math, Economics)
  1. Students of ADPA have to select a total of two elective subjects and one optional subject from the groups given below.
  2. One subject from each group can be selected.
  3. Selection of two subjects from the same group is not not allowed.
  4. Only those students can opt for the subject “English literature” who will pass the test of relevant subject taken by the teachers


  • Group1 (Home Economics, Education, Fine Arts, Physical Education)
  • Group2 (Political Science, Islamiat (Elective), Psychology, Economics)
  • Group3 (Statistics, Arabic Literature, Saraiki Literature, English Literature, Urdu Literature, Social Work, History)
  • Optional Subjects (Arabic, Persian, Islamiat, Urdu, Saraiki )